About Penny Price

How we came to be....

As Penny often said to me "It’s meant to be..........."  While I was studying a course in the UK, it so happened that ‘Penny Price’ was my teacher. She was absolutely wonderful, smart, witty and a true expert in aromatherapy. I have learnt so much from her and her great team. We made an instant connection and she asked me to distribute her products in Hong Kong and I duly accepted with delight!

Penny Price is one of the leading names in the aromatherapy world and has a reputation for quality products and training. She was brought up with aromatherapy. Her mother, the famous Shirley Price, began her career in aromatherapy in the 70s, by first training and then teaching around the world. Shirley Price is one of the worlds leading aromatherapists and author of the many best selling books including 'Aromatherapy for Health Professionals'. Penny soon became interested because she was roped in to help fill bottles with potions and she has never quite been able to live without it.

Penny Price trained formally as an aromatherapist in 1983, and after 3 years began teaching the subject. She is on the council for the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists ("IFPA") and was also voted to council as Chair.

See link to IFPA website: http://www.ifparoma.org

She also writes regular articles for magazines including Positive Health, Aromatherapy World, Woman’s Own and In Essence. Penny is committed to quality in both product and training and established 'Penny Price Aromatherapy Ltd' ("PPA") and the 'Penny Price Academy' in 2003. PPA is the purveyor of the finest essential oils, carriers and aromatherapy products and supplies. Their aromatherapy products are made by hand to ensure maximum attention and quality. PPA imports as many aromatherapy products as possible from independent growers and small farming co-operatives. PPA's pure and organic essential oils have come to be an international benchmark for quality oils and are sold through knowledgeable distributors. Both Penny's parents Len and Shirley Price are acting as consultants for PPA and a great support for Penny.

Penny Price strives to be at the cutting edge of developing aromatherapy – in its practice, its developing curriculum and in how it is taught. Penny attained the only research degree in aromatherapy awarded by Oxford University in 2001 and lectures in the UK and abroad. Penny trains at several Hospices around the UK and PPA also supplies to over 40 NHS Trust hospitals and hospices. It is generally concerning care of the dying, those with cancer, those with wounds, and also in cases of AIDS and other related conditions.

After qualifying as a professional aromatherapist, I decided to start a business under Penny Price Aromatherapy Hong Kong Ltd ("PPAHK") in co-operation with Penny Price as their distributor. Starting a new business is never easy (....extremely hardwork and stressful) and I could not have done this without the help and support of Penny Price, her Team in England and my Aromatherapists Friends here in Hong Kong. Many thanks to all of you!

I am tremendously excited and proud to be bringing the Penny Price Aromatherapy products to this new market. I can’t wait to tell our customers and therapists about our "Memoire Products" and how to use them. Our friendly and passionate team of aromatherapist is eager to help you understand our products and explain how to apply them. Our products will speak for themselves when you use them and we will do our best to keep you coming back.

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