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“Currently enrolled in the professional diploma course, I want to thank the team at PPHK for their professionalism and dedication to making sure we understand all aspects of aromatherapy use – from safety, to massage techniques, aroma blends and chemistry! Loving the course! ”

By Rebecca Kwan


“This program is surprisingly a rewarding journey to me all because of the “persona” I met in the program the teachers and the classmates. I enjoy just the synergy we have as a learning cohort — a group with so much fun and genuinety! Thank you all!”

Kaman Lee, PhD University Professor in Corporate Communication, Authors of 7 books, Columnist, Radio Program Host.


“I am grateful for the course I had in Penny Price. The knowledge I gained was incredibly informative and enriching, not to mention their oil are one of the finest quality. I also highly appreciate the sincere guidance from Carmen, Suvy, Suki and Peter gave throughout the course.”

– Ivy Wong , retired Cabin Crew


“I’m a PPA Student and I have been using their essential oils and products for months.   Their oils are of really good quality and my family loves them too!  The workshop I attended on July 1 was great!  I learnt lots on how to take care of my hair and DIY my own hair products such as hair serum, hair treatment, heat resistant spray etc. I’d definitely recommend PPAHK to my friends.”

Wendy Man, Secretary

After using the tailored made skincare by Carmen. I can see that the brown pigments on my face have reduced and lighten. Also the skin feels more smooth and looks more fresh and vibrant. Overall all more hydrated and nourish. To my surprise the dry fine lines on my forehead has disappeared.

Cat, Housewife

My mom aged 72 was diagnosed with breast cancer. She suffered severe burns after Radiotherapy treatment. A month after the Radiotherapy treatment her condition did not improve even after taking Chinese herbs, antibiotics, steroids and many creams and lotions prescribed by doctors. I was helpless and heart broken seeing my mom’s situation deteriorate day by day. She was not able to sleep and lacked the appetite to eat. I have never seen her looking so frail, thin and frustrated.

Client H