How to get amazing skincare results without the usual frustrations

Do you care about your skin and what you put on it?  Like me, are you looking for natural organic skincare?  Have you tried many products that have done more harm than good?  Are you frustrated by the lack of results and need something that will work for you naturally? 

I have personally been through the whole journey and that’s why I have designed a unique 5 step treatment program that delivers proven results (illustrated below).

“My name is Carmen Man and I am professional aromatherapist. I trained with leading industry experts in Aromatherapy including Penny Price, Dr. Malte Hozzel, Mark Webb and Madeleine Kerkhof.  I am passionate about natural skin care and has over 10 years of experience in using clinical aromatherapy to formulate and treat a wide range of skin care problems, focusing on eczema and allergic reactions.”

Our unique 5 step system produces amazing natural results – covering anti-aging, wrinkles, skin pigmentation, acne and skin hydration.  I have in-depth knowledge and expertise in formulation and continue to research into new natural ingredients to address different skin conditions for my clients.

Our treatment program includes the following steps:

  • Assessment (skin, lifestyle and other Q&A)
  • Treatment Plan (approach and formulation)
  • Validation (patch test)
  • Reassessment (reassess approach and formula)
  • Optimisation (continuously optimize formula)

Case Files:

5 Days – Pigments

3 Months – Acne

2 Days Wrinkles

2 weeks Adult Chicken Pox

5 Days – Eczema

2 Days – Allergies

2 weeks – Dermatitis

5 Days – Dustmite Allergy

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