Chamomile German Hydrolat


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Chamomile German hydrolat can help maintain healthy skin. 

Chamomilla recutita is a small, stocky, perennial herb that grows to about 20-30cms high. It has daisy-like white flowers with yellow centres and feathery leaves. The essential oil is distilled from the flower heads, and the resulting hydrolat from the distillation process can refresh the skin. 

The main components of Chamomile German hydrolats that have been analysed show the following components present; 8-20% esters and up to 20% alcohols.  This suggests that the hydrolat should be anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antispasmodic, balancing (to the nervous system), calming, cicatrisant, uplifting, anti-infectious, antiviral and slightly decongestant. 

Fischer-Rizzi (1990) recommends this hydrolat for stomach and intestinal disorders, and Rose (1999) tells us that German chamomile hydrolat is emotionally calming. 

According to Catty (2001) German chamomile hydrolat is blessed with many attributes: being antifungal it is useful fro Candida albicans, thrush, etc. She recommends it as a douche or taken internally for urinary tract infections and says it is antispasmodic to the intestinal tract, being useful in colonics. Topically it is useful on varicose veins and haemorrhoids, etc. 

Catty says further that German chamomile hydrolat is anti-inflammatory in both compresses and lotions, calms sensitive skin, rashes and itching and is recommended for eczema and psoriasis. It is an excellent skin cleanser, useful in masks, although it has a powerful aroma. It is cooling, soothing and healing for baby’s bottom. It can be used in spray for sunburn and as a toner for skin with acne: it’s powerful anti-inflammatory action makes it suitable for rosacea, couperose and other inflamed skin conditions. 

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