Melissa Hydrolat


Melissa hydrolat has a bright lemon aroma and flavour and is used to uplift and cheer the heart and spirit.

Melissa is a perennial plant about 60cms high with a hairy stem, dark green leaves and small white flowers. The plant is highly aromatic and the oil is distilled from the flowering tops. The essential oil is notoriously difficult to distil except by cohobation, and even then only a small amount of oil is yielded. It is quite normal for the leaves and flowers to be distilled just for the aromatic water (called a ‘distillate’ in France). 

One of the earliest known medicinal herbs, Paracelsus called Melissa the ‘elixir of life’. It was associated then to help with nervous disorders, the heart and the emotions and was also used for anxiety and melancholy. 

The hydrolat is calming but not sedative; digestive and anti-nausea; promotes relaxation; moderate anti-oxidant; a great cleanser and toner for all skin types; good for baby bath, cradle cap or wet wipes; helpful for exam jitters. 

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