Nebulizing Diffuser


Our nebulizing diffuser is the world’s premium aromatherapy diffuser for professional practitioners and home users alike. It provides a powerful yet quiet mist of pure therapeutic essential oil.

Nebulization ionizes and releases very fine oil molecules into the air. The oil particles are so fine, they remain in the air for a longer period rather than condensing. The benefit of having essential oil suspended in the air for longer periods of time is that it gives essential oils time to come into contact with germs, bacteria, viruses, odors, and mold spores. It is the dispersing of micro-fine particles that are responsible for killing bacteria, fungus, molds and other airborne micro-organisms in our homes and offices. The fine oil molecules can also be more readily absorbed by the lungs and thus create greater therapeutic value than other diffusion methods.

Our nebulizing diffuser also comes with a timer which automatically switches off the diffuser and therefore consumes less essential oil. They also come in two beautifully shaped glasses and two round wooden base colours. Both diffusers come with English instructions and an adapter plug for Hong Kong.

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