Rose Hydrolat


Rose hydrolat is calming and gentle on the skin.

Rosa damascena is one of the most popular rose plants available. The essential oil can be distilled or gained through solvent extraction. Either way, although the quality is different with the distilled oil being far superior, the aroma is truly delightful. There are not many women who do not love the smell of rose oil. Usually with a hydrolat, the smell of the product is different to that of the distilled oil. In the case of rose, the smell is almost identical. The delightful aroma of the hydrolat is lighter and fresher than the oil and is very useful for lifting and cheering the spirits. 

One of the main traditional uses for eau de rose is for reputedly balancing hormones during the menopause. It can be used as a linen and room spray to freshen clothes and rooms.  Because the aroma is so relaxing and refreshing, everyone’s moods will be instantly calmed.  

The hydrolat is a great addition to skin care products and routines due to it wonderful aroma and its balancing properties.

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