Rosemary Hydrolat


Rosemary hydrolat is uplifting and energising.

A common European herb, this bushy plant has spiky leaves and prefers stony, well-drained soil conditions. There are many different strains of rosemary but the hydrolat is usually taken from common rosemary – Rosmarinos officinalis. 

Rosemary as a herb and hydrolat (infusion) was used in ancient times to protect against evil spirits and the plague. It was used to stimulate and improve digestion and in beauty preparations for the hair to make it shine and improve the texture. 

In France, rosemary hydrolat is used as a mental and physical stimulant and is taken with water to help improve the memory. 

The hydrolat is a great addition to hair product ingredients.  It also has mild circulatory stimulants and works well as w compress for nerve pain.  

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