Sandalwood Hydrolat


Sandalwood hydrolat is mildly anti-inflammatory, it is a great aftershave, balancing and calming the skin and the mind. 

Sandalwood hydrolat is calming and gentle on the skin and can help maintain a youthful appearance.

Catty (2001) says that sandalwood hydrolat is quite rare and attributes many virtues to it, including its application as a douche for vaginitis and candida albicans, plus the fact that it is mentally balancing and calming.

Catty believes it to be exceptional in skin care, recommending it in a compress for mature and delicate skin (though she also says it is slightly drying and astringent): she says it may also help rosacea, broken veins, eczema and psoriasis. She considers it to be a great aftershave.

It is balancing for men’s hormonal systems and can be used for dry, mature skin to cleanse and moisturise. In the evenings, it can be used to calm and de-stress the mind.

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