Snufflease Inhalation Oil


Relieve babies snuffles and splutters.

Snufflease Inhalation Oil is a therapeutic and soothing aid in helping to treat and relieve cold like symptoms in babies. This calming and clearing oil will help to ease snuffles and splutters as well as comfort the poorly baby and offer them a better nights sleep (for mum and dad too)!! 


How to use?  

Use 2-3 drops of Get Well Baby Inhalation Oil on a tissue or handkerchief and leave close to the baby for them to inhale throughout the night. Please ensure this is out of reach for the baby. If needed it can also be used during the daytime. You can also add 4 drops into a vaporiser immersing the room with the soothing aromas. Please ensure that if a vaporiser is being used that it is out of reach for the baby. Do not use this product direct onto the skin, in the bath or in a lotion or carrier oil, it is for inhalation only. 

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