Tea Tree Hydrolat


Tea Tree hydrolat is cooling and can be sprayed on the skin to keep fresh and clean.

Melaleuca alternifolia has a long history of use for almost every ailment for the Aboriginal people of Australia and is used in much the same way as lavender is in Europe – for everything! 

This small elegant tree grows in Australia and is farmed specifically for its essential oil, with the hydrolat being a pleasant by-product.  Tea tree oil and hydrolat are antiseptic and are useful for keeping clean and for helping the irritation of insect bites. Its anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties help relieve symptoms of sore throat by gargling, and coughs and gingivitis when used as a mouthwash.  Dilute in a douche for thrush, candidiasis and reproductive or urinary tract infections.  It is the perfect hydrolat for cleansing all cuts, scrapes and wounds. 

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